Bar Hire

3 Reasons to Choose a Bar Hire for Your Next Cocktail Party


Planning an adult-themed get together for a select group of friends? A bar hire is a perfect way to ensure your event is perfect from beginning to end. These important perks make a bar hire an essential part of a successful party.


  • A range of cocktail choices. Don't rely on amateur bartenders with a limited range of recipes. Instead, plan your event at a bar that includes expert staff who can pour a wide variety of drinks for your thirsty guests.

  • Keep your guests satisfied. Planning for the needs of your guests can be a challenge. A poorly stocked event could mean disappointed guests. At a hired bar, you have access to the entire storeroom, so your guests will never find their favorite drink gone.

  • Think beyond drink. A cocktail party isn't complete without delicious gourmet snacks. Pick a professional dining establishment to ensure your guests find the perfect pairing of beverages and victuals.


Bring your London party plans to Buns and Buns. We can help you plan the best cocktail party possible and ensure your event satisfies everyone in attendance.