Cocktail Bar Hire

3 Times You Absolutely Need a Cocktail Bar Hire


An upscale bar makes the perfect backdrop for a number of important events. A cocktail bar hire helps you put your best face forward in these common situations.


  • Business meetings. Woo important investors, celebrate essential employees, or show your shareholders how much you appreciate their patronage by inviting them to a private bar event.

  • Formal family gatherings. Make the first meeting with your in-laws a more joyous event at a posh cocktail bar. These meeting places are also great for celebrating the birthdays of older family members or enjoying a pre-wedding get together.

  • Surprise parties. Taking your celebrant to a private bar helps preserve the secret while increasing the entertainment value of the event.


Anytime you need to make a good impression, a cocktail bar hire helps add elegance to your formal event. Find your perfect London venue at Buns and Buns in Coven Garden.