Covent Garden Restaurant

Buns and Buns: An Upscale Coven Garden Restaurant for Good Food and Fantastic Drinks


Are you looking for a Coven Garden restaurant that offers great drinks, high-quality dining, and private dining options? Buns and Buns is your place for luxury dining in the London area of the UK. What makes Buns and Buns such a great choice?


  • We offer the best bread in town. Our carefully curated menus are designed to complement a variety of delicious artisan bread.

  • Private dining ensures your party gets all the attention necessary. Give your guests the finest dining experience possible with our private dining and cocktail options.

  • Don't limit your entertainment options to lunch and dinner. Visit our location for tasty breakfast items with a stout on the side.


Buns and Buns is the only Coven Garden restaurant you'll ever need to visit.