Party Venues

3 Ways to Evaluate Party Venues in the UK


Are you on the hunt for the perfect party venue in the Coven Garden area? London is full of rental spaces that offer a range of amenities. Look for these qualities to ensure you pick the best party venues for your UK events.


  • Memorable cuisine. Don't choose a restaurant or caterer that serves the same thing everyone else does. Look for food that stimulates the pallet and attracts the eye to keep your guests talking.

  • Adult beverage options. Instead of lugging crates of wine, beer, and spirits to your own event, pick a party place that already stocks top-of-the-line alcohol for your adult guests to enjoy.

  • Plenty of space. Look for a venue with a generous dining area that allows your guests to move freely. Make sure there's plenty of seating to accommodate your guest list as well.


Buns and Buns is a premier dining establishment in the UK. Talk to our booking agents to learn more about hosting your party at our Coven Garden location.