Places to eat  Covent  Garden

Why is Buns and Buns One if the Best Places to Eat Coven Garden Has to Offer?


When you're looking for fine dining in London, Buns and Buns is your best choice for places to eat Coven Garden has to offer. What makes this eatery a hidden UK gem?


  • Curated menus. Our staff spends hours matching menu selections to a variety of bread and baked goods. That means your bread dish is uniquely designed to fit your meal.

  • Private dining. Don't share your special moments with the world. Our private dining and cocktail options make your celebrations more comfortable.

  • Full bar service. From breakfast mimosas to a strong pre-dinner sherry, we carry all the adult beverages you need to highlight your meal choices.


Come to Buns and Buns to see for yourself why we are one of the best places to eat in Coven Garden.