Private Bar Hire

4 Times a Private Bar Hire is the Best Option


Some celebrations simply can't be held at home. When you need an extra touch of class, a private bar hire elevates your event to luxury status. These four occasions demand a private bar hire to be their best.


  • Bachelor parties. Don't send your best friend down the aisle without sitting him in the lap of luxury first. Hire a private bar to celebrate his ascension into manhood without worrying about prying eyes or unwelcome guests.

  • New job celebrations. Make that new promotion even sweeter with a private cocktail party. Invite all of your industry luminaries to a dignified dinner and drink event for superior networking opportunities.

  • Retirement or going away parties. When a beloved friend or colleague moves on to the next level in life, a private bar hire lets them know how much they'll be missed.

  • Important business meetings. Make your proposals in style at a private bar. Your potential investors will see you as a savvy player when they enjoy top-quality beverages in a private setting.


Buns and Buns is your private bar hire solution in the Coven Garden area. Let us know how we can make your private event even more special.