Private Hire Bar

3 Perks of a Private Hire Bar


The quality of your dining or cocktail event depends largely on your ability to satisfy your guests' cravings. Using a private hire bar makes it possible for you to give your guests exactly what they want. What are the perks of a private hire bar for your London event?


  • Professional pouring. Don't risk your reputation on amateur drink mixers. Work with professionals who have the knowledge and skills to serve up drinks that make your guests remember your event fondly.

  • Less risk of running out. Running out of liquor in the middle of your event would be a disaster. At a private hire bar, you're less likely to end up scrambling for extra bottles throughout the evening.

  • No extra duties. Working with a professional bar means you won't have to hunt the London are for waitstaff, cleaners, and other support personnel. Everything is included in one package.


Buns and Buns is a private hire bar in the Coven Garden area. Contact us to schedule your next adult-themed event.