Restaurant Covent Garden

3 Reasons Why Buns and Buns is the Most Unique Restaurant Coven Garden Has to Offer


There is no end to restaurants in the London area. However, most of them serve the same menu. When you want something different, Buns and Buns is the best choice in Coven Garden. Why is Buns and Buns the most unique restaurant Coven Garden has to offer?


  • Best bread in the world. Buns and Buns carefully curates their menu to match a variety of artisan buns, cakes, and bread. This approach takes the bread from an accessory to a main feature of your meal.

  • Private hire and dining options. Hire our establishment to host your private dinner or cocktail party for an elegant and upscale experience without all of the work on your part.

  • Fine food and beverages. From breakfast to dinner, you can find familiar favorites and new experiences on our menu. Our fully stocked bar is available for all meals, including private events.


Buns and Buns offers a superior dining experience that can't be found anywhere else in the UK. Come into our Coven Garden location to find out for yourself why Buns and Buns is the best eatery in the area.